They call it Hurcules. We call it sick!

Rumours of a Ranger Raptor rival are about. It's called the Hercules and it's the Jeep Gladiator on steroids! Perfect.

Oh how we love a good ol' bakkie fight, especially when it involves a bakkie that just became a bakkie. Indeed, the rumoured Hercules, recently rendered by the Jeep Gladiator Forum, is rumoured to arrive as the new big boss in town and this is how they think it will look: Really good that is!

Real beefy we say and we'd have this over the Raptor 14 times a week. Not because we necessarily dislike the Ford Ranger Raptor but because we don't like what's underneath: A woeful engine that pushes less kW than an Amarok so we'll say no more.

But yoh. There's something about this Jeep that suggests otherwise even though we don't even know if it will ever really arrive. But hey, why not? Jeep produced the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk so what's stopping them with this? Expect this monster to arrive with nothing less than a V8 on steroids if it comes, which we suspect it will. Again, that's just us praying out loud.

Of course, our hopes might have a lot to do with this guy, Mark Allen, who heads up the design department at Jeep who said that the firm would “expand into [the] high-speed off-road” segment.

This is likely the outcome. Oh, and what an outcome it is!