This is a Lexus with a wing! Hectic

It's called the RC-F Track Edition and it's coming to South Africa. Isn't that kind? Very.

Just when you thought Lexus is starting to feel a little Audi-level boring, they do this: They throw on a carbon fibre hood and monster wing and sommer tune 'hooowzit'.

Well, howzit my brother and how are you? Take a look: A rear-wheeled V8 with 352kW and some 535Nm of torque. Yes, it's the facelifted RC-F and it's coming soon with an appendage of a name called 'Track Edition', which officially makes it our new favourite Lexus.

Kind indeed!

What's not to love about a spolier that you can see from Kempton Park to Phoenix? Side splitters to match. Titanium exhaust. And then, red Alcantara interior to really finish the look and tell the world that you're not as boring as they thought.

Buy it and you'll also get Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, lightweight 19-inch BBS forged alloy wheels and an overwhelming sense of 'hectic, I just bought a Lexus in a country where everyone else owns a BMW M4 and I'm gonna have to explain this away at a braai.'

Well, know this dear friend. At least you have that monster spoiler! No ghey holding a prego roll can ever take that from you.