This is a very pretty convertible. But will you buy it?

The convertible Lexus LC is exceptionally well designed, but rumours are that it will cost a mountain.

When we first saw the Lexus LC with its crushing V8, we loved it. Same with this: Its roofless version that is so well designed that it's a little creepy. Indeed, it feels like its designer painted it while naked and then cut his ear off in artistic madness.

Its proportions are absolutely wonderful and in V8 guise, it's sure to sound royal in the depths of the Huguenot Tunnel. In every bend from Mpumalanga to Chapman's, this looks the quintessential road tripping machine if you're into Lexus like that and still have your hair.

Indeed, you surely only ever spend more than R1.5m on a Lexus (no matter how pretty it is) if you're really that type of guy who digs Lexus. And who is? For think to yourself, what else can be had for that amount of money?

Have some fun on AutoTrader, new or used, and you'll see what we mean. Your actual favourite brands like BMW, Mercedes and Aston Martin are all screaming for your attention instead, often cheaper than this.

So yes. As the "aspirational halo" vehicle of the Lexus brand, this convertible is something to behold - there's no doubt about that! But, will you buy it at that price when you can get a beloved European as pretty or an American with as many cylinders?

We're not so sure you will.