Yoh! This Civic is hectic...

Styled like an inter-galactic racer, this Honda Civic is sure to turn heads. The normal one already does so prep your neck muscles for the Mugen RC20GT.

Who are Mugen? Well, if a bunch of mad men from a place far-far away is your answer, you'd be partially right. To be entirely correct, they're a bunch of serious psychos from a place far-far away, which is a better description.

But, to be thorough though, they're actually a tuning house, which isn't a house full of okes tuning each other's moms, but a house that takes Hondas and makes them faster, nimbler and in this case, fatter than the fattest mampadda you know.

For take a look at this gents - a Honda Civic Type R with more carbon fibre than a McLaren and more cheesy decals than an East Rand stock car. Perfect, we'd say.

It arrives kind've looking like an Audi up front, which is never always good, but on this monster it's fresh. Like giant worm sort of scary-fresh, so don't go touching the grill - that thing comes out of the ground and eats you whole!

As for underneath, a titanium exhaust does its bit at helping this Type R scream a little louder and possibly go a little faster, which is why it comes with bucket seats that reach into the depths of wonderland.

Oh what a place to be. What a look. What a car.

Thanks Mugen!