The Supra that could have been...

Well Toyota. This is embarrassing.

When a car design student from Leeds, UK, takes the richest car brand in the world's design and shows them what could have been for their most iconic car, well, that's when you know there's a bit of an issue over in Tokyo.

Because let's be serious, who in their right mind doesn't want the Roman Miah version of the new Supra that arrived last week? Its retro wing and round lights are downright majestic and we'd take it any day over the latest offering from the Japanese giant.

It's inspired by the most famous Supra of them all - the MK4 that every 90s kid wanted when Fast and Furious came around at the turn of the century and Vin Diesel became our new favourite bald man.

And yes, you're right, we didn't need a bald man to tell us then how brilliant that Supra was, but apparently we do need an up-and-coming design genius to tell us what's wrong with the new Supra that was forced on us last week.

A lot by the looks of it because Roman's version is better in every way. Indeed, it's only when you see this here Roman Miah Supra that you really come to realise what could have been - and now we can't help but feel a little annoyed.

We hope you're annoyed too Toyota - because this one's on you!