Gemballa's new 911 is violent!

When your Porsche 911 is just not fast enough, give it some Gemballa: A violent disease that makes you cough blood.

Gemballa are kind. They take our favourite things - very fast cars - and make them even faster. Indeed, Gemballa is to Porsche what brandy is to Coke and if you live in South Africa you'll understand why that's violently fun.

They've given it an added dash of power-juice that no one really asked for but got anyway. With it, comes immense bravery and violence and the realisation that perhaps Porsche is not doing what they should be doing. That is, making their Porsches so fast that they draw blood.

For how's this. The Gemballa GTR 8XX EVO-R BITURBO hits 100km/h in 2.38 seconds. 200km/h in 7.5 seconds and taps out at 370km/h.

Kind indeed and as violent as it comes. That's considerably quicker than the standard 911 on which it is based, which is now not worth mentioning anymore at all.

Then, there's that body kit, which can only be described using its name: "911 GTR 8XX EVO-R BITURBO". Yes, whatever they said. Poor thing is so flared-up and dakked-out that it looks a Pitbull bred for some cage fighting.

Scars and blood, we see. Gashing wounds and broken teeth. This is as violent as they come! Thanks Gemballa.