Brutal new Aston comes with a watch

It's the Tag Heuer Edition DBS Superleggera and all 50 of them will arrive blacker than black.

Are Aston Martins too classy to arrive blacker than black with red tyre trimming because isn't that more a thing to do if you're a hardcore boy racer fluffing your feathers?

Well, that's for you to decide, but we think a brutal black-on-black Aston Martin is just perfect, especially when that red Pirelli trim looks like it was melted on the road to hell.

Jip, not quite the words you thought you would read when it comes to Aston Martin and that's surprising to be honest.

Because 0-100km/h in 3.4 seconds is devlish fast so why can't Aston look the part? It's just not fair. So, we're thanking Tag Heuer for this little special edition, which arrives (if you care to know) as standard as the standard DBS Superleggera in terms of power, but is 72kg lighter with redone brakes, steering, engine mounts and suspension.

Of course, buy it and you'll also get a special edition Tag Heuer watch, which is nice. Nice indeed! And, most certainly, the most expensive watch you'll ever buy.