This a taste of the Honda Urban EV!

January 25, 2019

The concept car of 2017 was so good that Honda decided to build it for real for real. Later this year, it will be ours and here's the first taste.


The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show was the best in GT MAG's living memory for one reason and one reason alone: The Honda Urban EV! It absolutely blew our retro minds when the Japanese giant unveiled it out of nowhere and we begged them to make it for real for real.


They listened.



The concept was a masterpiece. Here it is below.



Inspired by the Civic of the 70s, it played on our Citi Golf heart strings and we donned it the car of 2017, knowing full well it was just a concept that we might never see again.


Well dreams do come true gents and you will actually be able to buy one before the 2020s arrive - and this here is what it will look like, more or less. From this hard front angle, it's hard to see though whether or not it retains the brilliance of the concept, but it is still very cool regardless and we cannot wait for the full view.


Don't disappoint Honda!



It will be a fully electric little get-about that will likely offer a 320km driving range or there and there abouts. All other details are pretty murky at the moment, but we do know this:


“The debut is a further demonstration of Honda’s electric vision - a commitment that two thirds of European sales will feature electrified technology by 2025."


Expect this new version to be unveiled in Geneva! So let's hope and pray that it looks as good as the original concept.


If it doesn't, we'll cry.







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