German car tuner builds 590kW rubber duck

And we're gasping at the price! Meet the STRIDER 11 ABT SPORT MASTER.

Never, never and never ever will a resident of GT MAG buy a R6.5 million inflatable boat even if it was the last rubber duck on Planet Earth and we were the richest folk left.

Well, lies actually. In that scenario, we most certainly would have a R6.5 million rubber duck because hey, what's not to love about a 590kW death machine? Talk about a conundrum brother.

590kW in a rubber duck. Jirre! Pack the picnic Hilux and head on down to the Vaal because your Sundays just got a whole lot more frightening so best hold on to your skis and tighten your lilo-string.

Holy bananas and bananas most holy. 590kW would embarrass most super cars so we shudder to think what it must feel like on water. Boat racing after all is one of the most dangerous sports in the world so we're keeping well away.

For now at least...

So tell us then, who thought it necessary to build a boat with more carbon fibre than a McLaren and with two diesel motors (yes, diesel) that push out as much power as an unassigned Russian nuclear reactor?

Well, it's not who built it that's the issue - it's who tuned it! Jip, the boat itself is by Italian company SACS, but it's been tuned by German mad men, ABT Sportsline, and that there was problem number 1.

Remember, they generally make Audis go very fast and do other stupid things too, which you've probably never forgetten. Like sell a set of mags for R180 000. If you don't believe us - read this.

When you do, it will all makes sense. So thanks again ABT for being ridiculous!

Truth be told, ridiculous is just how we like it.