LISTEN! New Golf GTI TCR pops like this...


There's certainly more pop to the new Golf GTI TCR's vrrrpha than the standard one, which is always a good thing. It means that its special 'petrol particulate filter' isn't too much of an issue because it still sounds as if some ouen in the sound department sommer drilled a few holes through the exhaust and tuned 'have it son!'

Well, whatever the case, it certainly has a rally feel to it, which will upset you when you hear this: VW South Africa has no intention of bringing it here, which is like your neighbours lighting a braai and letting you smell it without inviting you over.

Bloody bastards! Tsek man.

It's strange too because hear this. Of the 400 GTI Clubsport S units that were built for Planet Earth, more than 10% of them rocked Mzansi, which should say it all. Indeed, the TCR would sell here like samoosas so we have no idea who's smoking what up at VW's offices in Sandton.

This, the fastest GTI to ever make production, uses the same ol' loving ingredients that we know already, like that 2-litre turbo and 7-speed DSG box. 0-100km/h smacks us in 5.6 seconds and 213kW are all the kWs you'll ever need to punish that neighbour.

Braai on a Saturday without you? Well, here's what you do on a Sunday morning then.

Press play and enjoy...