Outrageous new Camaro is just plain rude

Disgusting. Filthy. Just plain rude.

The Americans are good at many things. Like democracy. And humility. And geography. And all those other things that you associate with being American. Like rugby. And boerewors rolls. And anti-capitalism.

But, of the many things that the Americans are actually good at, this is what they're the best at - making fast cars go murderously fast and that there is not a joke.

Sure, this is not the fastest of those and that should say it all, but the Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE is still an outrageously fast (and badly named) car that now just got even faster with this: A new 10-speed gearbox.

Thanks Chev.

Adjustments to the traction control and other things that we know nothing about now also means that it is 1.5 seconds faster around GM's very own Milford Road course, which is cool, but pointless.

Because what does it all mean for us? Nothing. Nothing at all because it still hits 100km/h in 3.5 seconds, which is just great, but annoying. Annoying because this is just another salty reminder that South Africa doesn't get this beautiful monster, which just isn't fair.

How could you America?

It's filthy. Disgusting. And just plain rude!