The Urus not fast enough? Try this then

Manhart has done to the Urus what the weekend did to your liver. Bruised it good!

There are many questions that we have in this world. Like why is data so expensive? Why did BMW have to change their naming scheme - and can Hlaudi Motsoeneng actually read? Who knows...

But, one question that we've never had and never will have is this: Does the Lamborghini Urus have enough power?

Incidentally, it's a question that Manhart once asked themselves and for some strange reason thought that the answer was no. Jip, can you actually believe it, but 478kW and 850Nm was just not enough for them apparently so they decided to fix what wasn't broken.

Absolute legends.

ECU remapping? Check.

Bigger turbos? Check.

Uprated exhaust? Check.

Indeed, this is the Manhart thing to do if you remember correctly, which is always fun. Yes, always. For what's more fun than an Urus with more power than an Aventador SVJ? Not many things we would imagine - not many at all!

Truth then: For an SUV this is as fun as it gets gents. 597 kW and 980 Nm is the proof in the pudding and red accents on the inside of the exhaust pipes is the crust on the fish finger. The best damn part!

For take a look son. Jirre. Red accents in an exhaust pipe is the coolest gimmick we've seen since the Senna grew see-through doors and that there is the GT truth of it. Then, other things too like a new carbon-fibre front splitter and rear diffuser add to the madness, while extended wheel arches and rear spoiler make this thing look murderous. Murderously good.

Fitting then that its 21-inch gloss-black alloys are wrapped-snug in Pirelli P-Zero rubber because, well, what else? What else indeed.

This is an Urus all bruised-up and it's a beating well deserved! Thanks Manhart. Aren't you just the kindest?