This is America! Corvette in my area...

What shall we call it, asked a man. The 'Final Edition', someone replied. It is the last of the C7 after all.

Corvette. A name as famous as Donald Trump himself. Indeed, Corvette is America and America is Corvette and there ain't no two ways about it. It's as iconic as Hollywood, as Brooklyn, as Mardi Gras, as Tom Brady himself - as Michael Jordan on air and Rambo with a gun.

Here then is just another example of what you already know to be true about America: That they build ridiculously powerful muscle cars for fun because, well, that's as culturally American as turkey on Thanksgiving.


So go on, meet the deliberately named 'Final Edition' Chevrolet Corvette, which, like the Corvette C7 on which it is based, comes with a motor from hell - a V8 that pushes 485kW and goes like the devil. Well, so we're told at least and who are we not to believe them?

This though, the Z06, arrives with a track-focused suspension set-up and the option of Michelin Cup tyres, which is an option you should be smart enough to take. It makes a lot of sense too because this might be the last of the front-engined Corvettes so why not go all out?

Jip, the C8-shape that will follow this here C7 later this year will, we hear, arrive mid-engined and that there is as tragic as any news you'll read today.

So go on. Be an American devil. Get this 'Final Edition' with everything that you can, including that monster out front!

Anything less just isn't really American at all.