This is a new Spanish electric hyper car. Kind've...

It's a brand called Hispano Suiza, which last produced a car 80 years ago. Now, they're just kicking off where they last left it. Or so it seems.

First things first: No, you haven't heard of Hispano Suiza because they last produced a car in 1946. So tell us then, why is a brand that has been dead for nearly a century now rising again from the war-time ashes? Well, who knows bro. It's not like we're a car magazine or anything that should have these answers...

Awkward, we know.

But, if it makes you feel any better, here's why we think: Because look at the thing brother! Who doesn't want an all-electric hyper car that looks like this?

To be fair though, it won't. This is just the great granddaddy that will inspire the modern rendition's lines when it eventually returns with the name 'Carmen'. Who's that? Well, that's the granddaughter of Hispano Suiza himself and she sounds pretty damn sexy.

The car will arrive as a "fully electric hyperlux grand tourer" built on a carbon fibre monocoque that will "provide the foundation for the car’s exceptional luxury, comfort, innovation and attention to detail.”

Blah, blah, blah. Whatever Oupa. Just give us the damn car already because we have that sneaky GT feeling that this will be the car of the Geneva Motor Show next month, so we're prepping for the best.

With a century of planning behind them, heck, why shouldn't we?

Watch this space.