A Supra shooting brake? Yes please

Don't get your hopes up though. This is just an artist's rendition. For now...

The shooting brake. It's the edgiest of the edgy when it comes to the car world right now. It's the 90s hairdo reborn. The nose ring. The hipster for my hipster and the coolest shape you can own if you want your car to break necks. It is sick!

So, should Toyota dilute the legacy of the Supra to create this? Well, absolutely, and if you don't agree, what's wrong witjoo bra? 

Jirre. This thing is ama-zing and it's all thanks to a guy called Rain Prisk. 

So go on Toyota. Get yourself a Rain Prisk and when you do buy this piece of work from him and pay him the money. Don't pull a Vodacom and steal intellectual property when the genius behind it all is yours to grow and savour. Show him some love!

Indeed, if this is what ol' Priskie boy can do to a (disappointing) Supra, imagine what he could to other things?

Imagine an Uber Corolla Shooting Brake? Now that there is stylish convenience.