This Supra is hot like peri-peri!

TRD (Toyota Racing Development) has developed this. It comes with 'door garnish'. Tasty.

Oh how we love 'door garnish'. It does to doors what Nandos does to peri-peri chicken, which is this: It dips it in a flavour called hell and brings you to tears. Good tears of course because what's better than chicken? Well, chicken that sends you to the toilet of course.

For how's this: Toyota Racing Development has finally taken the Supra and made it look peri-peri-hot, which is just fantastic news. What say you?

Take a look gents: It arrives with 'door garnish', which is an actual word used by TRD to describe the new (and rather sick) carbon fibre body work around the doors. Yummy. Then, there's that carbon fibre spoiler and filthy skirting too that will make you cringe over every speed bump from Fish Hoek to Mamelodi. 

Great news.

This thing looks vicious, doesn't it, and is Toyota's way of making the original Supra glide a little easier through the atmosphere. Yes, it's all aerodynamic, they claim, which makes you wonder why the original needed so much damn aerodynamic work in the first place.

Heck, we don't mind though as long it finally came, which it has. With 19-inch alloy wheels too - take a look - that apparently makes driving this thing a whole lot better without "excessive vehicle performance".

Well, that's no good bro. Sounds like they're distracting us from the little work that's been done underneath, which is nothing by the way.

Well, joke's on them. We've never needed Toyota's permission to take their vehicles and make them faster anyway so they can do (or rather not do) whatever they want. For yes, 250kW is great, but when it looks like this, 250 just sounds a little childish...

So let's play some games gents and get this Supra going like it looks!

Challenge accepted.