Gorgeous Maserati Alfieri could arrive next year

Behold: This beautiful thing might finally arrive. But, will it be a Maserati at all?

Up until Ferrari unveiled the Monza towards the end of last year, we had kind of forgotten what the Italians could do, which was rather forgetful of us, wasn't it? It's just that in this saturated super car world it's hard to keep track...

Indeed, as a beautiful Italian, the Monza followed a host of other stylish Italians over the past few years that are rather memorable. Like the Alfa Romeo 4C. The Giulia. The Aventador. Cars that looked good as concepts and even better in the flesh.

But, there was one particular Italian concept that looked absolutely spectacular in 2014, but then just never arrived at all. The Maserati Alfieri. What happened to you ol' friend? Where'd you disappear to fratello?

Well, nowhere actually. All that's gone down is this: Maserati has taken their sweet Italian time to build the damn thing and as far we know it will arrive next year! Well. They're unveiling something - not sure what yet - but we're pretty sure it's this. Well, at least a version of this. We hope.

Whatever the case, know this: It will arrive fully electric and hybrid, with the former hitting 100km/h in under 2 seconds.

Yes, under 2 seconds. For a car that looks like this, that's perfection. Perfection, we say!

Well, maybe.

For what's a Maserati that you can't hear coming from three roads away? Not a Maserati at all, that's what.