Ugly Bentey Bentayga Speed is world's fastest SUV

Lamborghini move aside. You've just been smashed - by a single km/h!

Look, we're all about the love at GT MAG and appreciate a famous name as much as any. Heck, we're huge fans of the new Bentley Continental and love Bentley for what it is: A brand for people with British accents or for those who think they're classier than the rest of us.

Whatever the case, Bentley still arrives with weight and presence and we'd drive one any day, even if it meant everyone shaking their heads at us and raising their eyebrows. After all, we just love cars and Bentleys, no doubt, arrive with a distinctive character. In a car, that's the most important thing after all!

But gents, let's be serious. This design is not great, is it? It's heavy, dated and in some strange way reminds us of the Ssangyong Rodius, which, if you've forgotten (and thank goodness you have), is widely regarded as the ugliest car ever made. Like ever, ever.

Now, that's not good news for the Bentley Bentayga Speed even if it is officially the world's fastest SUV capable of 306km/h. That's a single km/h faster than the ousted Lamborghini Urus with which it shares a platform.

Be that as it may, now this: The Urus is still faster to 100km/h by 0.3 seconds as the boat-like Bentayga Speed only hits that in 3.9, even with its monumental W12. Indeed, 12 cylinders, six litres and two turbos are the driving force behind this hideous thing's attempt to steal bragging rights from the Italian, which is a fight we're just loving by the way.

Still, facts are facts bro and this round belongs to the Brit! But, next time Bentley, fight it out in a prettier dress or we might just disqualify you.

You've been warned...