This exploding Lambo took 2 years to photograph!

It's comprised of 1500 pain-stakingly detailed photographs taken from a real, dismantled Miura.

Some people have time on their hands! Heck, we're worried how we're going to finish work by 5pm and get our washing done, but this here mofo has two years worth of spare minutes to dismantle a Lamborghini Miura and take 1500 photographs of it in order to create this:

An exploding Lamborghini that explores the inner essence of a vehicle that millions around the world have been in love with for decades. Sick!

And jip, that's what he does. Fabian Oefner. An artist who explodes cars in super-slow-motion to reveal their insides and make you fall in love with every piece of the most iconic vehicles in the world.

This piece, part of his 'Disintegrating Series' took two years to complete, after which (we can only assume) he reassembled the thing and then returned it to his mate.


Hectic, hectic, hectic.

So tell us, would you give your cuzzie your Golf so that he can take two years to strip it and do this?

Well, at least you now know that it's possible. Who'd thought? Not us, that's for sure.