Eat your heart out! This Lexus is thiiick

Jirre. It is stunning - a custom piece of work by Artisan Spirit. We're in love.

The Lexus LC500 is great to look at, but Artisan Spirit - a tuning house from Tokyo - just made it cool. Wow! Take a look gents: A decked-out, fatter than fat Lexus LC500 with a body kit wider than the N1 highway at it's e-toll widest!

Yoh. This thing is fresh and yet more proof that the Japanese are kings of the high-end custom car market and there is surely no argument there. Sure, the Germans don't mess around - check out some of the stuff by Prior Design. The Americans are amazing - Hennessey salute! But the Japanese? They're on another level.

Liberty Walk speaks for itself, but this, this is a tad more understated. Only a tad though because how understated can you actually be in a 5.6-litre V8 that will never, as hard as you try, fit through your garage door.

And yes, you read correctly. This is not the 5-litre from the standard LC500. Nope, this has been swelled up for your smiling convenience and now pushes on 386kW. Kind, isn't it?

Add a roll cage, bigger Brembo brake kit, new suspension and Sparco race seats and what you get is perfection.

Disagree? We doubt it. GT MAG readers love it thiiiiick.