Mzansi will get the Hilux GR-Sport!

Well, if it didn't, we'd protest.

The Toyota Hilux is South Africa's favourite bakkie and is as much a part of our psyche as protesting. Indeed, we love the Hilux as much as we love to protest and that there is the truth of it.

From the flats of the Free State to the East Rand, from Mamelodi to Maritzburg, the Hilux is a shaped well-burnt into the depths of our eyeballs and we rightfully expect every rendition of it to be released here.

It would seem then that Toyota are listening following their little service delivery mishap a while ago when their celebratory Arctic Trucks Hilux rendition didn't arrive. Yes, if you remember correctly, only the UK got that one and we were like 'are you mad bro?'

We called it ridiculous. Nonsense. And frankly, we were disrespected down here in Africa and embarked on a protest, albeit a silent and sulky one...

Hilux Invincible 50 only for sale in the UK. Tsek!

Now though, good news! Gazoo Racing, the racing arm of Toyota, will release its Hilux in South Africa and we will get 535 units.

All will get the GR-Sport treatment, which means this - you'll be able to do Dakar-sorts-of-things the next time you go camping, which is pretty damn cool, but not recommended. Enhanced driver control and increased confidence are brought on by hardened front springs and double-tube dampers.

Engine? An unchanged 2.8-litre turbodiesel unfortunately. But, you will get all the Gazoo Racing touches, including those black and red decals to really make you stand out. 17s underneath and cool stitching inside finish the look and might just be enough to avoid us from gathering...

Remember Toyota, don't disrespect us again or the protests will begin!

You've been warned.