Overfinch pimp out the Range Rover Velar!

This one however, doesn't come with fish seats. Boring.

Remember that Range Rover that came with shagreen seats? Yes, that one by Overfinch that we hated for its bad taste. I mean seriously, who actually wants seats made from stingrays in light of the planet's current struggles with species extinction? No one.

Go and check out the October 2018 issue of GT MAG to see what we mean!

October 2018 issue

Be that as it may, any Overfinch Range Rover to follow was likely to be a little boring because fishy seats turn heads whether or not we happen to like them. Which we don't.

This though, we do, because this here is a Range Rover Velar by Overfinch without fishy seats. Or at least we think so. We're not sure if it's an extra to be honest, but outside it is smeared in carbon fibre (to be expected) and sits on - what is indeed an extra - 22-inch pair of Estrella wheels.

They'll cost you a cool R90k extra btw. Casual.

As for the front grill? Well, that's only an additional R60k so don't be too overwhelmed. If you are, know this: They're probably funding their next species hunt, so at least you'll know your money is going towards a bigger cause.

Underneath? No changes yet, but we hope they come. It does, after all, have some touches of the Lamborghini Urus - check out that front - so why not just go all in Overfinch?

Our feelings are that they will. Tuners who work with exotic materials always do!

Watch this space.