Car fight! Two cars - same name. Let's rawl!

A few days ago we gave you the Hispano Suiza electric hyper car. Now, another company called...erm... Hispano Suiza says that they've never heard of these mofos.

When we unveiled the Hispano Suiza electric hyper car a few days ago - or at least the shell of it - little did we expect this. Check it out: Another car brand claiming to be the real Hispano Suiza has just stood up and tuned 'Who the f#@k are you?'

Yes, this new Hispano Suiza has just explained that in 2010 they got the rights to the Hispano Suiza legacy and are planning a super car unveiling at this year's Geneva Motor show under that very name.

It will be based on the Maguari GS1 GTC - seen here - which was unveiled way back in 2009 and is set to hit 100km/h in 2.8 petrol-powered seconds.


It's all a little strange though because the other Hispano Suiza - the one we reported on a few days ago - is also unveiling a car under the Hispano Suiza name at Geneva, but theirs will be electric and will have nothing to do with the one just described.

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Okay, so will the real Hispano Suiza please stand up then?

About the electric Hispano Suiza, Erwin Leo Himmel, the man behind the petrol-powered vision, had this to say: "I'm quite surprised that they are advertising the car under our brand name. I got the European rights for Hispano Suiza back in 2010. Meanwhile I also own the rights in our global key markets.

"Their current company ‘Hispano Suiza Cars’ was only founded on November 26th, 2018. [Its boss] has no interest and no knowledge in the automotive industry."

Yoh bra! Ouens are ready to go it seems...

Prep the rawl. Prep the jol! May the car fight begin. Fight, fight, fight!