Jaw-dropping Huracán Evo Spyder unveiled!

The roof is gone and our hearts are racing!

Yoh. Sometimes in life it's good to just sit back on the toliet and take it all in - all R3.5 million rands of it, all 471kW of it, all 10 cylinders of its dirty-sounding self!

Indeed, this is the hardcore baby Lambo without its roof and we love every boomslang-green inch of it - including the 3.1 seconds to 100km/h and the 325km/h top speed. Sun block not included.

What you will get though is this as standard: All that hardcore stuff like torque-vectoring, rear-wheel steering, speed-reactive ‘dynamic’ steering and an ‘Ego’ driving mode, which is a mode that will, without doubt, make you smile when you use it. Or so we think - we have no idea what it actually does, but it sounds pretty damn cool bro.

Most importantly though, the Huracan Evo arrives looking like a Lambo and if it's stranger-stares that you want, it's stranger-stares that you'll get. From Camps Bay to Mamelodi, from Soweto to Sandton, this is a car that will break necks and bring on the smiles no matter where you take it.

He banna!

To all little boys out there who will one day see this then - smile away. Cars like this are the very reason we love cars in the first place.

Pasop! This thing bites...