This custom Alfa is a god

Zeus, God of Cars! Yes, this is He - if He had a face.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is godly just as it is. Just as it is! But, if it had to get better, this is how it would look and this is what it would be called: Zeus. Yes, that's actually this one's name and it is, indeed, a car god. A God of Cars! A Generous giver, a beautiful saviour...

Jip, the Langebaan-lagoon-blue Alfa Romeo 4C by Pogea Racing, AKA the Zeus, is truly beautiful, and is something that we want more than we want Dezemba to return.

Come back Dezemba - come back! March already? Eish...

For take a look gents: The Zeus has dropped 1.1 seconds off of its 0-100km/h dash time and is now a 4C capable of a 3.4 second sprint. That's huge! Outrageous in fact.

It's all thanks to a refreshed 261 kW, brought on by an upgraded turbo and fuel system, an updated carbon fibre body kit and this: An "acoustically stunning" exhaust kit from a company called Monster.

Say no more bro - just take our money!

But, how much money will it actually cost then to own the God of Cars? R1-million they tell us. Say what? That's cheap!

Nope: That's R1-million on top of the Alfa Romeo 4C's price, which, when added all together, is not really an answer that you'll want to hear so we just won't say it.

We'll just sulk instead. Thanks Pogea. Thanks for nothing.