Meet Ginetta's new super car. Jirre!

McLaren move over. Ferrari pasop. A British company called Ginetta is mad.

There's something deeply refreshing - or madly scary - about a super car that doesn't haven't any flappy bits to keep it on the ground. Nope, this super car is old-school and arrives with a wing so large that you'd swear it was a plane.

Spoiler alert, it's not. It's just a good ol' fashioned driver's car with an engine out front and a set of power stats that will make your eyes water. Water away then: 447kW thanks to a juicy, naturally-aspirated V8 means this thing probably sound as mad as it looks.


It's a Brit this thing is, and it would seem that it has its heart set on destroying another: The McLaren Senna. Yes, the top-of-the-top McLaren nogal and what is currently the world's premium naturally-aspirated super car.

It too is wild-looking as you know, so it says a lot about this Ginetta that it has done enough to spike our interest from the outset. Throw the Brabham BT-62 into the mix then and what you've got is a naturally-aspirated battle up in Britain being fought on the cusp of what is scientifically possible for any car at the moment.

Currently, there is no electric or turbo'd machine out there that can claim to consistently beat these on a track day so, essentially, what you're looking at is the most violent take on the oldest tech in the world.

Man. His V8. His right foot. His bravery. His underpants.

Ginetta says that it will do 321km/h when it arrives, boasting an “engine response [that's] immediate [and a driving sensation without any] electronic aids."

Perfect again. For R7.5 million, it ought to be!