The Roush Ford F-150 Raptor? Yes please!

A bakkie. A fat bakkie with mountains of power. We love it because we are simple South Africans.

So what if we're simple men with simple South African tastes? So what? We're proud of who we are because this is the world that made us. South Africa. Mzansi. Azania. Suid-Afrika!

The rumbling crack of Van Buuren. The dice down Camaro. The bang of Witkoppen. The buzz of Vilakazi. The sway of Kgosana and the flats of Bloem; the stance of Phoenix and the juslaaik down in Chatsworth. This is who we are and there aren't many of us who would disagree. Do you?

A fat bakkie is always a bakkie to savour and that there is the GT truth of it. The thick, thick truth of it and this is as thick as it gets: 389kW and 766Nm of raised American muscle is just lovely we say, especially with looks like this. Thanks Roush. Thanks for being the kind tuner that we know and love.

Sure, down here in Africa, a 3.5-litre twin turbo V6 will cost you an arm and a leg to run, but you won't really care, will you? Because, be assured, there will not be a single boet at the braai with a cooler bakkie than this and that there is all that matters. It's the only thing that ever mattered!

Jip, we are simple men. Simple South African men with simple dreams.

It's who we are. And if it's not, well, who are we then?