Attention! The world's fastest car is here

And who else but Koenigsegg? Meet the Jesko.

Jesko. It's named after the father of the man who started this legendary brand some 25 years ago when he was just a 22-year old Swede called Christian von Koenigsegg. Now, a quarter of a century later and you're looking at the peak of the combustion engine before it inevitably looks to electricity to take it over the edge.

Ma gents, behold: The Koenigsegg Jesko, the world's first car capable of over 483km/h - or so they say. Believe it though because when the Scandinavians say things like this, they don't tend to lie. Be assured, this will be proven sooner than later because the science works.

Hectic. That's Joburg to Cape Town in 3 hours son. That's Joburg to Durban in the length of a short, crappy rom-com. Indeed, what a car - and what a machine to look at!

Where to begin then?

Let's start out back with that spolier, smartly shaped like a UFO. It does things extraordinary, like keep the car glued to the ground with some 1400kg of downforce at top speed.

Then, there's that gearbox, which is now officially the smartest in the world and has left Bugatti's engineers in tears. Hear this, it's able to handle some 1193kW and 1000Nm of twisting torque. It changes gears in a quarter of a second, able to cleverly skip gears to find the most capable one in any given moment of acceleration. It means that acceleration is always maximised and you get every opportunity to reach 480km/h+.

But, what on Planet Earth can power something so ridiculous? Well, a 5-litre twin turbo V8, where the turbos are electrically boosted with jets of air to eliminate lag. That's like turbos on turbos.

All in all, it is extraordinary and better still with this - a car phone charger, an aircon and the coolest thing we've seen in a car since 'Hey Mercedes' redefined how cars think. A g-force'ometer to distract you every kilometer of the way. 

All in all, a masterpiece then for what will surely be the very last of the pure-combustion Swedish hyper cars. With only 125 on sale, it will be some rare, beautiful and very sad goodbye, with a price tag to match. 

Order it now for R56-million. Thanks for coming.