Style overload! This is a modern collectible

The Spanish legend - Hispano Suiza - is back. Frankly, it's spectacular.

There are few cars in a generation that change our very perception of cars. They come once in a while and remind us of what really matters: Presence, attitude and style.

These are the cars that really matter and the essence of what all cars should be. Here then is a car that all other cars should aspire to, something built with so much love and purpose that from every angle you can feel its soul.

That soul is Spanish and despite a war about who owns the brand and who doesn't, the real Hispano Suiza has - from what we can see - just taken the floor. 

Indeed, this is the sort of car that you'll remember when you're an old man thinking back, and, incidentally, it's that very nostalgic essence that defines these modern curves.

It's based on the 1938 Hispano Suiza Dubonnet Xenia and now, 80 years later, here are the genes of that machine: A grand daughter if you will, with lines designed in sole dedication to her ancestor.

It's a beautiful coincidence then that this car is called the Carmen, which is actually the name of the founder's granddaughter.

It reads neat. The Carmen. It's elegant, fluid and is now officially the name of an electric hyper car that's meant to redefine electric hyper cars: “I don’t want to compete with the performance of a Koenigsegg or a Rimac. We limit the top speed because we don’t think there’s sense in any more," says the technical director Lluc Marti.

"We’re after a new market; collectors mainly. It’s been developed in Barcelona at Catalunya, as well as some less busy circuits. [This was more made for] visiting Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach, [not the] the Nürburgring." Long story short then, it doesn't matter that this all-electric hyper car boasts 745kW and it doesn't matter that it was developed with Formula E tech. It's been limited to 250km/h anyway, which means that, above all else, its the presence of the thing that really matters and recreating the magic of the past for a generation to come.

It's a hand-built masterpiece, they tell us, and they will only build seven per year, with a total of 19 all-in-all.


Well, memories. Just the memories of another legend that will one day be remembered.