This one-off Bugatti costs a quarter of a billion Rand!

And although it's probably worth it, it will never be the real thing.

La Voiture Noire. It's French for something and it's the name of this: A new one-off Bugatti that costs more than an Eskom bribe. Wow. A quarter of a billion for a new car? Socks are being smoked over at Bugatti and we want in on the action. 

But, this car is more fantastic than it initially looks and if you care to look a little harder and learn its back story, you'll be pleasantly fascinated.

So let's step back for a second to 1936, to a time when four very special Bugattis were built. They were called the Type 57 - seen above - and they are now the most illusive and sought after Bugattis in the world, and possibly the most sought-after cars of all time.

The first doesn't exist anymore. It came to a violent end after being hit by a train a long time ago. That left three. The second is now owned by an American car collector called Peter. Disappointing, we know. The third is owned by Ralph Lauren - yes that guy. And the fourth? Well, here's the thing. No one knows. 

It was called La Voiture Noire and it would easily - if it was found - be the most expensive car on the planet.

It was built and owned by Jean Bugatti himself - the son of Bugatti's founder - who was later killed in a car accident trying to avoid a cyclist. As the story goes, he wasn't killed in La Voiture Noire itself - that lived on.

During Jean's time though, Le Voiture Noire was driven by many of his friends too, including Robert benoist, legendary GP driver and Le Mans winner who, not insignificantly, was executed in World War 2 by the Nazis. Fate would have it that it was also because of the Nazis that we no longer have La Voiture Noire.

Long story short, when the Nazis invaded the Bugatti factory in France, the beautiful La Voiture Noire was confiscated and put on a train to Bordeaux, but never arrived.

Now, it's one of the darkest mysteries of the car world, which has given birth to a host of conspiracy theories and camp fire stories. What ever happened to La Voiture Noire? No one knows.

Now though, we meet its successor - a new one-off Bugatti called the same: La Voiture Noire, which is literally the biggest compliment that Bugatti could ever give one of its machines. It was built for a very special customer who clearly has a love for very special and very expensive machines.

And what a machine it is...

Let's be clear. GT MAG is not a fan of Bugatti for a whole host of reasons, but this is different. This, like its ancestor, has soul. Although it's much the same as the Chiron underneath with its near-1120kW, 8-litre, quad-turbo'd, 16-cylinder engine, its touches are majestic. Check the colour coding on the wheels and how they match the tyres.

But, take a special look at the engine cover, which is especially unique: Micro-perforated carbon on the cover allows heat to escape while still hiding the motor, which makes it very different from its contemporaries.

Out back, it's obsessively good (much better than the front) and overall is monumentally striking, despite being obviously based on the not-so-striking Chiron. 

All-in-all then, we're very jealous of the uber-rich customer who ordered it, but, very much like them, we know this truth:

It ain't nothing on the real La Voiture Noire. No amount of money can buy that history and style and this here great grandson will forever live in its shadow.