New baby Aston is viciously cute

It's called the RB 003 and it's the Jack Russel for your Boerboel.

A hybridised V6 turbo sits somewhere in the middle of what is the new Aston Martin RB 003, which is neatly named and, as you can see, rather pretty. It's for the folk who don't like their super cars as in your face as the Valkyrie, but who still like their super cars enough to buy one.

Indeed, this here 003 is for the man or woman who doesn't want a Boerboel, but who would prefer a cheeky Jack Russel that starts fights with the big dogs.

It comes with a whole bunch of fancy things, like flexifoil. What's that? Well, it's a very clever tech from the aerospace industry that “allows for the car’s downforce to be changed without changing the physical angle of the [spoiler]”.

Long story short, it does something that we don't understand, but if you owned it, you'd be real cool trying to unpack it at the braai: Using your hands and face to convey flexifoil-like expression, you'll explain it with much veracity and 'mmkays'.

Mmkay? Mmkay.

What we care about most though is the looks of the thing. Out back, you'd be forgiven for seeing the Mercedes-Benz Project One, but that's okay. Aston Martin has given enough to the world when it comes to great-looking cars, so so what if they've been a little lazy and borrowed a curve or two from ze Germans? Who hasn't, right?

Elsewhere, the cutest little face heads up a car that has enough luggage space for "oddments", which we came to learn is actually a way of saying that there's not really space at all, except perhaps for a handbag. Well, maybe.

But, let's be serious - who cares about all that though? Luggage space is the last thing we judge when when it comes to cool and rare Astons. You see, only 500 of these will be built after all, so if you see one, smile and nod! And then watch how, like all Jack Russels that threaten the big dogs, it comes running back with its tail between its legs.


Well played Aston. We dig you.