This is literally the finest gusheshe in the world

30 will be built and all 30 will literally be perfect.

A company called Redux has done to the BMW M3 what most South Africans wish they could do every day: Find an old gusheshe and turn it into perfection. 

Jip, this is not your usual gusheshe build because Redux is not your usual custom house. Nope, they're doing to the E30 BMW M3 what Singer and Williams does to Porsche and if you know what that is, you'll know why we're going on about it. 

Because how's this: Everything has been stripped and comprehensively sanded down, re-polished, and then rebuilt twice to such an obsessive degree that the BMW M3 E30 that you see here is in every way better than the BMW M3 E30 that was released in the 1980s. This exact one takes nearly two years to build, which is insane.

From inside to out, it is meticulously crafted with an obscene amount of carbon fibre. Then, a bored-out motor means that this is now a 2.5-litre 4-pot turbo, with custom rods, pistons and Motorsport crankshaft. In a car that weighs about the same as your phone - give or take - it all means that it's probably pretty damn vicious.

288kW brought on by a Motec ECU is proof in the pudding.

“In spite of its age,” Redux tells us, “The E30 M3 continues to be used as a performance benchmark against the latest generation of ever more powerful M2s, M3s and M4s.”

Well, South Africa couldn't agree more Redux. For a country that buys more Motorsport BMWs than the USA (extraordinary, we know) and only fewer than Germany and the UK - trust, we really know!

This is our bread and butter. In the motoring world, this is much a part of our genes as the Toyota Hilux. That should say it all.