This is the very fresh Lister Knobby

What say you ma’china?

Knobbly. The nerdiest name you'll ever read about when it comes to cars if you know nothing about the history of cars.

Well, here’s today’s lesson then: Never laugh at a car called Knobbly because a car called Knobbly is rather nice. Don’t you think?


It’s named after the original 1950s Lister Knobbly that was once a famous race car that did famous race car things. Like appear in famous racers and transport famous drivers like Sir Stirling Moss.

Yes, in other words, it’s nothing that you should really care about, except for the fact that it’s the ancestor of a new and soon-to-be-with -us Knobbly that looks very, very frrresh. Go on – roll those ‘r’s like an Afrikan!

Indeed, we want this Knobbly more than we want the lights to come back on. Jip, down here in the depths of Afrika, where electric cars will be useless in Eskom land, you’ll be happy to know that this will arrive with something petrol-powered that, no doubt, will bark like a thunderous hound.

A quick squiz over at Lister’s usual stuff and you’ll know exactly what we mean...

Take a look:

Lister! Like blister…