Lego Ford Mustang GT - yes please!

How badly do you want this? More than electricity tonight?

Ah yes, Eskom. The place you'll swear at until you're blue in the face and there ain't nothing that you can do about it. Or is there? Mmm.

Here's something: When you're feeling really frustrated, build this new Lego Ford Mustang GT and take in all of its super cool details. Like the extraordinary engine bay, the supercharger add-on if you want it, the nitrous tank in the boot and the ability to change its stance by adjusting the rear axle.


And cooler still because it's all made of lego: The seats adjust, the gear stick moves, the steering wheel turns, which all means that this is truly the coolest thing that you can own this load shedding season when your TV just won't switch on anymore and your phone is out of battery.

It's made up of 1470-plus pieces, which means you'll be more than satisfied until the "six months" it takes to get the lights back on. Thanks Pravin...

Except for two things of course. It costs R2,200 to buy, which is a little steep, and you'll never be able to build it anyway. Why? Well, you'll need light to do that and that there is something we just don't have in South Africa at the moment.

Ah f#@k. Until we're blue in the face...