Demon power! It's a Lister with a yellow dot

It arrives with 666bhp. That's 497kW by the way, which just doesn't sound as cool.

Lister are busy boys these days. They've just unveiled the Knobby, which is rather good to look at. Now, they've just gone and given us this - a car with a dot!

It's called the Lister LFT-C and it's a highly tuned Jag F-Type that comes without a roof and some 666 horses under the bonnet. Yoh. That's a lot of horses that will make it go very, very fast. 0-100km/h in "just over three seconds", with a top speed of 330km/h is very fast indeed, and who are we not to believe them if they say it to be true?

This is Lister after all, and they literally have nothing else much to do except tune Jags.

But, this is not just a plain-ol Lister Thunder without a roof. It's a new look Lister entirely if you care to look a little harder. A new front bumper, a bigger rear diffuser and wider rear arches are topped off by a new carbon fibre spoiler. Nice.

R2.5-million nice though? Not so much.

But, the brand is cool and the cars are rare, so if you just want a slice of the vibe, you can buy the body kit only for some R180,000.


Always keen for a dot brother!