R115m for these two beauties!

It's called the DBZ Centenary Collection and it's two Astons for the price of a fifty. Nice.

How's this for news to smirk at: Aston Martin's DBZ Centenary Collection is two Aston Martins for the price of fifty! Yes, the cars are not sold separately because, well, if you have R115m to spend on cars you probably won't give AF and will want both. Who wouldn't?

But, before you shake your head and tune, 'marra neva even if-if...', these are not any ordinary Aston Martins. Nope, they are extraordinary. The first is the classic DB4 and it's arguably the prettiest Aston ever made.

Unlike the classic though, this one is all new underneath and pushes 283kW to the back wheels. Oooof. Just imagine the sound...

To die for, we'd speculate.

Then, this: The second car, to be delivered a year later, is the modern monster in frame, which is sure to turn every head that the DB4 does not. It's called the DBS and it comes with a wrap-around windscreen, which is also rather nice.

There isn't a back window though - nope, no compromising when it comes to beauty here - but that shouldn't be a problem: Seeing backwards is irrelevant when something looks this good because R115m million doesn't buy you practicality. No mfwethu. R115 bar buys you - 'tsek, I'm coming through so move aside or die!'

As a duo then, they're almost damn perfect. Almost...

Why? Well, the DB4 won't be road legal, which is annoying. Then, only 19 of each model will be built anyway, which means that even if you did have R115m to spend on two cars, you wouldn't get them because, well, who are you bro?

Unless you know somebody who knows somebody who bribes somebody who "loves" somebody else, you ain't getting nothing.

Sorry Atul and Rajesh. You can't have it all then. You'll just have to settle for South Africa's dignity instead.

It's called Eskom.