German tuner goes mad on the baby Aston

Power, power and power galore! Danke.

Question: What's better than an Aston Martin Vantage?

Answer: An Aston Martin Vantage by Wheelsandmore, which sounds like a Chinese flea market for knock-off mag wheels. But, it isn't. It's this - an insanely tuned Aston Martin Vantage by a German tuner with the worst name in the world, pushing some 500kW of hardcore power.

Isn't that kind? Sure is.

How they've done it is pretty simple too. Bigger turbos, a software upgrade, trick exhaust, catalytic converters and voila - a Vantage to die for. Or die driving. Either or...

Underneath, the 4-litre twin turbo V8 is easy stuff for Germans by the way because ze engine itself is German. Nein. What? Did you think that the Brits built something like this extraordinary all on their own?

No-no, neva, that's a V8 straight out of an AMG. What else?

As for the outside, well, that's all Aston and it's as beautiful as any Aston can be. Tuned however, just like this, it looks properly mean and we especially love the green-splotched one leading the pics here. Yoh. What a pleasure.

As far as high end customs go, this here is up with the best of them!

Costs then? About R300k on top of the Vantage's price. Thanks for coming.