This one off Ferrari is space-case-level sick!

A massive wing and yellow rubber. It's the stuff from your childhood.

Ferrari have gone and done something real special and reminded us all of why they're still the stuff of dreams if you're a ten year old. Sure, you'll love it too if you're sixty, but this particular one-off is something you speak about on the playground and glue to your space case.

It's everything an outrageous Ferrari should be, interior included, because if you take a peep inside you'd swear you were prepping for take off, which is what all ten year old boys want to do.

Open their space case - or WhatsApp profile pic if that's more the thing these days - and the first thing you'll see is that wing. Jirre - it harks back to the F40, which if you don't remember kids, was the Ferrari your uncle pinned to his wall because his best friend preferred the Lamborghini Diablo.

Sure, he loved both, but the iconic red of the most iconic of names, Ferrari, was more his cup of tea.

Now, this, thirty years later: A spectacular new Ferrari built on a racing car (always a good place to start, wouldn't you say?). It's called the P80/C and it's not something you'll see on the road and probably never on a track either. That's because only one of them has been built, which is annoying. As usual.

Be that as it may, we'll continue. The entire body is made of carbon fibre,  which means its 500-odd-kWs of power, brought on by a mammoth 3.9-litre twin turbo V8, is probably delivered like knives from behind that Playstation controller.

It is essentially a highly developed 488 GT3, but is 5% more aerodynamically efficient thanks to that T-wing that provides a “strong recompression of the flow rearwards".

Long story short, and for technical reasons we don't care much about at GT MAG, it's absolutely insane and we'd probably impress you if we shared the stats. Unfortunately though we don't have them, but know this: Space cases don't care much about stats. All they cares about are those in-your-face lines.

As far as they go, this is as good as it gets.

Thanks Ferrari!