This is the bakkie of our dreams!

It's called the Bureko 6X6 and it will survive anything. Including South Africa!

Oh how we love our bakkies. What's not to love? Machines capable of simultaneously carrying our cuzzie, our binnie, our braai pack and a jacuzzi full of water. TIA mofo - haters gonna hate!

But seriously, bakkies are serious business in South Africa and most of the time, the bigger, the better - and the better, the bigger! That's why we're reporting on a new bespoke bakkie by Bureko as if it's serious news because, well, it is. 

Nothing says he banna! quite like six wheels and a hypercar-worthy 745kW, and most definitely, nothing says juslaaailkit! like a drive train that will sommer rip the Kalahari to pieces. Hectic. This thing doesn't use roads, it abuses them!

So, tell us then, who decided to make this a thing? Well, let's start with the Americans of course, because they're the only crazy sons-of-guns that make cars larger than houses. Respect. Indeed, this started life out as a Chevvy Silverado before - wait for it - the Germans and the Czechs did their bit dakking it out - adding an extra wheel axle and all!


Result? A bakkie designed for the Middle East crisis, seemingly quite capable of withstanding an air assault. Frightening...

Back home, we want this thing more than we want electricity and that there says a lot about the shallowness of our bakkie souls and what we consider truly important on the southern tip of Africa.  This thing is properly sick.


But wait, there's more. Ask for it and they'll also give you a performance exhaust system - hectic - and race-bred brakes. Trust, you'll need them. At 3.5 tonnes, that super-tuned 4.2-litre V8 will take some stopping. Witkoppen - pasop!

Then, this, the most famous number of them all. R1.35 million!

Not bad right?

Well, that's just for the engine upgrade. The bakkie itself costs a whole lot more than that so we'll just stop speaking and sulk.

Tsek Bureko. Tsek!