The chick Ferrari just got mean!

High-end tuners Novitec prove that even the chick Ferrari, the Portofino, can draw blood!

Ah Novitec. We love them because they do special things to cars we would never buy anyway because who in their right mind buys a Portofino if you're a boych? It's just too pretty to own if you're a guy and frankly chicks look better in it.

Let's make this clear from the outset then before we start a movement - the 'chick happy' Portofino is no less of a Ferrari because chicks looks good in it in the same way that the Mini Cooper S is no less of a car because guys just don't suit it. Rather, the Portofino is an outrageously well-spec'd machine that women the world over should celebrate.

In the male-dominated car world, it's refreshing to see a sick Ferrari that just doesn't look right in the hands of a man, but just perfect in the hands of a lady.

Be that as it may, now this: Novitec has taken the chick Ferrari and tweaked it ever so slightly to make you believe that hey, maybe my bald head will look good behind the wheel of the prettiest Ferrari in the world. And here's why:

A small lip spolier, a ride-height drop of some 35mm and other bespoke touches here and there give it the masculine touch you might have been looking for. But, it's under the bonnet where 441kW have turned into 503 that really gets you thinking. This chick Ferrari is as mean as any other and that there is the GT truth of it!

Don't be fooled. Novitec doesn't mess about so be weary if this pretty girl pulls up along side you. 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds and several carrots later will probably leave you in tears and questioning your gendered view of the world.

Shame on you. Chick Ferrari or not, a mean Portofino is everything you'll want no matter how manly you think you are.