This Hyundai N Roadster is sick!

But is it real?

No. Car brands just love to play on our heart strings and tease us with things that will never be real. To be fair, this was an April Fool’s joke put together by a private guy called Yeonjoon Park, which was then just shared by Hyundai on social media for a bit of gees.

But, it’s got us thinking: Why isn’t this N Roadster actually a thing because, well, look at it bro: It should be!

Clearly a direct competitor to the Mazda MX-5, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be as good and desirable as the iconic Japanese. The small, convertible and affordable sports car segment is a little bear after all so if Hyundai were a little braver, who knows what it could mean for the future of the segment.

Heck, we’d buy this any day to tell you the truth and not only because of how it looks. The Hyundai i30N is widely regarded as a stroke of genius by the South Koreans and a Roadster version of that would likely be as enjoyable. With the same 202kW, we wouldn't bet against it!

Not that we’d get it down in Mzansi anyway. The actual and real i30N still hasn’t been confirmed for the South African market so we’d really be pushing our luck if this ever went into production.