6 outrageous Jeep concepts to die for!

The Moab's Easter Jeep safari produces some sick Jeeps. Here then are this year's 6 to die for!

Jeep Wayout

Well call me Frikkie and prep the braai wood - the Hilux just got thrown out the window and Pa came home with this instead.

Jirre - how cool?

Safaris are always better with khaki paint, roof-top tents and a snorkel because what else do you actually need bro? The Cape to Tanzania? Now that's safari America - let us have a go!

Jeep JT Scrambler

Well, well, well. Aren't you just the attention seeker in a Jeep with brown and red stripes? Nice.

It's named after Jeep's 1980s CJ Scrambler, which is basically a car version of CJ Stander - 80s and all son! We absolutely love it - copper wheels too.

An air intake and cat-back exhaust give a little more power to its V6, which is also rather generous.

Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter

Here at GT MAG we don't believe in corruption. It strips away at the integrity of society and poisons the fabric of what we could become.

But heck - if Atul Gupta bribed us with a M-715 Five-Quarter, we'd be sommer hand him the coal personally and switch off the lights with our own two hands.

This was made for Africa. It is absolutely awesome, based on the 1960s Jeep Gladiator that did its bit for the military. Now, it's doing its bit at making us cry.

Holy heck. That see-through tail gate is out of this world!

Jeep Flatbill

The thing comes with two matching scramblers out back, which makes up so upset that we're almost ready to sulk. It is outrageous that this is actually a thing as it makes us viciously jealous.

Indeed - there isn't a chommie anywhere in South Africa that would say no to this and if there is, is he a chommie at all?

Dakked-out suspension and fatter tyres complete the look. We're in love.

Jeep Gravity

This thing comes with a plug when you need to drain it after a rainy day.

Well, you can't say that Jeep don't know their target market because we can't think of anything cooler to do right now than off-roading in the rain. Genius.

Oh, and by the way, that windscreen also drops flat so you can really get yourself in the bug-eating, off-roading mood if you need to remind yourself why you own a Jeep without any doors.

Thanks Jeep. You're too kind.

Jeep J6

Why? Why does Jeep do this to us? They know very well that if we see an awesome bakkie, we're going to want it and are going to cry until we get it. It's like showing a child a toy without ever having the intention of handing it over. You sick bastards.

We want this now. Not tomorrow. Not in a few hours. Now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now!

Its bright colour references the Jeep Honcho of 1978 and...


Stuff that - now, now, now, now!