Go on - smirk at this AC Schnitzer M2!

And then - smirk some more.

Well, well, well - a super tuned BMW M2 Competition pack by the tuners who do more to BMWs than most - AC Schnitzer! Yes, the very same AC Schnitzer that sounds like a German war cry. 

Be afraid. Be very afraid because when ze Germans go about their automotive business, they don't play games son. 

Hence, this. A BMW M2 with some 373kW that will break necks and make you smirk. Jip, thanks to an upgraded ECU, it smashes the standard M2 Competition Pack by some 70kW, which is some cocky feat. The original after all, is a masterpiece and is is widely regarded as the best M BMW in the world so why the upgrades?

Well, why not? Can your girlfriend be hot enough? Can you ever have enough beer? Can you ever have a holiday too long? Nah bro.

Sure, when the M2 Competition unveiled itself last year we were smitten and even asked: Marra M4 for what? But, correct us now if we're wrong, this is surely bound to be better with its stiffer suspension, bespoke interior and power upgrade. No? Yes.

So, here you have it then. A BMW M2 better than a BMW M2.

Now that's well worth a smirk.