Say what? Bugatti now makes furniture

And we should give AF! Here's why.

Bugatti, the ultimate hyper car brand for the uber rich now makes the ultimate furniture for... well, the uber rich. To be fair, prices haven't been released yet, but seeing as their most recent one-off Bugatti, La Voiture Noire, sold for a quarter of a billion Rand we can safely assume that this won't be Mr Price Home sort of level And, while you probably don't give AF, the furniture itself actually looks pretty sweet and will look the part in your Clifton mansion. But, you probably don't own a Clifton mansion and if you do, why are you reading GT MAG? We're for the people bro...

Jokes - all are welcome here, including you, so let's chat about your mansion and its new furniture, which is actually more interesting than you'd dare believe. Specifically the 'Cobra' limited edition chair (you can guess which one that is from the pics), which was actually originally designed by Bugatti's founder, Carlo Bugatti, in 1902. Yes, that bugger was also an interior designer (who knew?), which means owning something that he once imagined and drew is surely pretty cool no matter how you look at it. Oh, and hear this: The Cobra is also made of carbon fibre, which is so unnecessary that it's brilliant. So tell us then, who doesn't want to own a carbon fibre chair called Cobra, designed by Mr Bugatti himself?

Jip. Maybe we should give AF then. Who knew furniture could be so damn interesting!