Lekker new Mercedes 4x4 meant for Africa!

It's called the GLB and it comes with fat tyres.

There's something refreshing about a small 4X4 that doesn't give a damn! The Jimny captures it best. Funky and fugly, it doesn't care how you look, but rather where you go. That's the most important!

Cars like this are about the road trip and as that's the case, GT MAG is all about these cars. Cars that make you look twice, especially when they're dirty.

Can you believe it then that this is an intro for a new Mercedes? Only the G-Class looks good dirty and that's where we thought it would end. Not so.

Introducing the new GLB (albeit a concept still), which comes with fat tyres, a Jeep-like stance and an overwhelming sense of 'pack your bags son, we're off to Africa!'

Fortunately, we're already in Africa and we suspect that the GLB will look the business between the Kruger and Kalahari. Sure, it will likely cost more than #theland it will come to dominate, but heck, if you've got the cash, this is what you'll want if you don't want the Renegade.

It's got all the gimmicks too. Like those LEDs up top, that loading box and those fat, fat tyres. Oh how we love them fat!

It also comes with three rows of seats by the way - squeezed onto the same chassis as an A-Class hatch back. Yes, probably a little tight then, but Mercedes insist that this is all about "spaciousness and robustness".

Inside, it looks spectacular and we hope that they don't change a thing. In fact, we like it all, inside and out, and will like it even more in AMG spec, which might never come.

But probably will.

But might never.

But probably will.

But might never.

Good ol' GT MAG. Giving you accurate information from the very start!

Well, what we do know is this: This concept boasts a 2-litre turbo and for something like this, that sounds just about right. No AMG needed!

But desperately wanted...