Crazy new electric hyper car looks intense

It's called the Karma SC1 Vision concept and it could come back to bite them.

Karma Automotive has built this - an electric hyper car that's "on that edge between a track car and a GT car". Or at least that's how their Chief Technology Officer, Bob Kruse, described it this week to Top Gear UK.

For that very reason, it's a little confusing to look at because it's hard to see exactly what it is. Because, well, a track car of our age doesn't quite come to mind, does it? Think Senna.

So, why is this niche brand trying to dip into both pools to create a car that looks cruise-level beautiful, but also GT3 sort of vicious? We have our doubts whether they can actually do it.

Regardless, it looks stunning as a GT car - power-cruising and a sun-burnt kops clearly more its strength. So, why not just play to what you're good at, Karma, and if that includes making scissor doors as long soccer pitches, well, you do you - we love it!

This is certainly something to behold and looks like it belongs in Gatsby's garage. Perfect.

So, we ask again, why on earth do Karma also want to see it in Lewis Hamilton's racing collection? It doesn't make any sense.

Stats haven't been released yet, but earlier this week Top Gear UK were also told that if you put your "right foot down, [you'll get a] big smile on your face."

Well, nothing wrong with that, is there? Nothing at all.

Just keep it simple then Karma. Simple won't come back to bite you.