Slammed Ferrari hits the Karoo!

Well, it's not the Karoo, but heck, these pictures couldn't get any cooler, could they?

What say you about a Ferrari creeping on tar? Is it sacrilegious or is it as fresh as these photos suggest? Because my-oh-my it will take some pedantic purist to deny that this thing is outrageously sick. How sick? Well, a Ferrari resting on tar like a Karoo-stricken Poffadder is just the type of Ferrari we love at GT MAG.

This one is by Casil Motors, which is an Italian American company with all the flash of an American and all the taste of an Italian. It is one of thirty customs based on the Ferrari 328, which is a Ferrari we rather like.

So, the fact that Casil can get away with this says a lot about how perfect it is, or how tasteless we are. Either way, it works for us.


But, it's not only the air suspension and flat-grey matte that we love, but the uprated 3.2-litre V8 compliments of an ECU upgrade that catapults it into the 21st century. Other things like a custom built exhaust system give orgasmic sound to its custom wheels, body kit and an interior you'll never want to leave if you have the heart of an 8-year old boy. Which we do.

The guy responsible for its look is someone called Mitchell Button who is clearly rather good at doing these sorts of things, and clearly rather used to getting tuned about it:

“I am no purist as you can see, however, I am an avid historian so while I deviated from Ferrari’s original design, I remained true to the spirit of Maranello in each detail of the build.”

Well, good on you bro. For someone who spent three years building this exact one (how long will 29 more take?), we're rather impressed. Very, actually.

Question is though: How many Ferrari 328s are there actually left in the world to customise? 7,412 says Wikipedia (before the wolves of Wall Street ran them into Coke'd up lampposts).

Well, however many are left then, that's sounds like more than enough for a few custom jobs like this, while still keeping a fair bunch of the originals just the way they are.

As for the Karoo? Well, who would have thought that Ferraris could look this good in the desert.

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