Retro Ford Bronco goes electric!

And isn’t it just silently tasty?

A few years ago the idea of an electric Ford Bronco sounded as ridiculous as Wales beating the Springboks, but now, years later, we’re like ‘well, that’s pretty standard stuff bro, isn’t it?’.

Sure, in the case of rugby it’s real sad "standard stuff" we might add (unless you’re Welsh of course), but in the case of this here Ford Bronco it’s propa-exciting news boet! I mean, take a look brother – this thing is blerrie fantastic and we cannot wait to see what retro masterpiece gets the electric treatment next?

This one is by Zero Labs Automotive, a California-based start-up who are doing their utmost best to lure in petrol-loving America with retro lines and nostalgic curves.

It’s working. 

Well, it's working for us South Africans at least because what’s not to love about a restomod that doesn’t hurt the environment? Well, except for the usual painful things of course when it comes to electric cars like the fact that you’ll be dead and stranded 306km from home because this one's driving range taps out at 305km.

Queue Eskom. Queue disappointment.

Oh, and then there's the fact that it will cost R3.7-million to own, which is a fair chunk of change for any moving machine, not least one that even a Donald Trump supporter will like.

Still, 275kW is decent stuff we’ll admit – five classic gears and all, 4X4 capability and all – and we’d take this any day if our blesser cared to buy it for us.

He better hurry then. Only 150 of these will be built - hipster finishes included.

Pity. A silent, earth-loving pity indeed.