Blinging mini-Escort made of diamonds and gold!

Clearly the man who made it has too much money, time and skill!

Don't you just love GT MAG? Just when you thought your day couldn't get any better, we've gone and done this - brought you news on something blingingly irrelevant and outrageously cool: A model scale Mk2 Ford Escort made of diamonds, silver and gold because, well, why not?

The person who made it, Russel Lord, is a British jeweller with a ridiculous amount of skill, an odd little smile and, clearly, a man with too much money and time. 

The thing is worth some R1.5-million and took 1300 hours to build! Hectic. Now, it will go to auction for charity, which is rather kind. And brilliant. Not as brilliant as the person who ends up buying it of course. They'd be the most brilliant of all because they'd be the proud owner of a 1/25th-scale Mk2 Ford Escort with diamonds for head lights, rubies for brake lights and a golden grill. Wow. Isn't that just the dream? For someone with broken teeth and an appetite for gangster rap, absolutely! 

Thanks Mr Lord.