Drooling! Hennessey shows Ford how it’s done

It’s called the Ranger VelociRaptor and it’s everything the Ford Ranger Raptor should have been!

America doesn’t get the Ranger Raptor, which is good news for them. The Ranger Raptor after all is a tragedy to behold and the Americans were right not to take the humiliation. A 4-cylinder 2-litre worth some 157kW doesn’t quite scream "Raptor" and if I was an American I’d also not want it!

It's probably exactly the same thing that John Hennessey thought when Ford announced that they weren’t bringing the Ranger Raptor to America and he probably smirked when he thought about what he would do about it.

Of course he did. He's one vicious mofo and we love every last bit of him.

In spite then, he took America’s version of the Ranger (a 2.3-litre turbopetrol) and did to it what Ford should have done. He sommer gooi’ed on a stainless steel cat-back exhaust system, did some ECU tuning and threw on fatter tyres and dakker body work.

Casual Hennessey.

Long story short then, the Hennessey Ford Ranger Velociraptor hits 100km/h in 4.9 seconds, over 5 seconds faster than the Raptor that we will get. Yes, everything about it sounds and looks better than our Raptor, which makes us a little sick.

For how’s this to rub salt into the wounds: You can now buy a Hennessey Ford Ranger Velociraptor for the same price as our cute little version.

Well, accept for the fact that you can’t because it’s only for sale in America!

Jirre. Can we ever win?